Courtney Roby
Head Performance Consultant


Driven by a strong faith, Roby exemplifies hard work and determination.  During his tenure as a professional athlete, Roby knows his 10 years of professional experience will directly contribute to the mission of the Sparx Athletic Refinery community.

krystal Roby
co-founder/Operations Manager

Krystal Roby, wife of NFL Champion Courtney Roby, has been a member of the fitness community for over 10 years and understands the extreme benefits of positive energy and maintaining a healthy lifestyle despite the challenges of continuous curve balls from everyday life. Besides being the mother of their two young daughters, she is also a highly creative business professional with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and over 10 years of professional experience in communications, media, marketing and corporate practices but truly enjoys helping others step out of their comfort zone and stepping up to the challenge of reaching their fitness goals.


Larry Dorsey Jr.
Personal & Performance Training Consultant

ph: (317) 650-7737


National Federation of Personal
Training Kettle-Bell Concepts
• Level 1 Instructor
• PT Level
• Master CPT
• CSCS Certified

• Performance Driven Functional Training
• Injury Prevention/Rehabilitation
• Weight Loss & Strength and Conditioning

To help each individual reach his or her fitness goals including weight loss, injury prevention/rehabilitation, improved sports performance through increased power, speed, endurance and agility. To help you set realistic, specific and quantifiable goals. I constantly evaluate body mechanics to make sure of proper posture and exercise efficiency. I am able to scale or deconstruct every exercise to fit each individual’s fitness level.


Franqlin Gatson
Personal & Performance Training Consultant

ph: (317) 701-6773


Calumet College of St. Joseph
• B.S. in Exercise and Sports Science
• National Academy of Sports Science
• Certified Personal Trainer
• Corrective Exercise Specialization
• Group Fitness

• Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation
• Performance Enhancement Training
• Health and Wellness  

During Franqlin’s time at Calumet College of St Joseph his passion for fitness grew.  Through his studies and athletic experiences he found a passion for overall health and wellness that lead him to training athletes to gain the edge needed to excel in today’s sports world.  His focus became more open to all types of health and wellness after graduating college.  He now uses his education and experience to help everyone obtain the healthiest lifestyle possible. 


danny ball
Personal & Performance Training Consultant

ph: (317) 500-1945

Danny Ball’s interest in changing the lives of others came from a place of service. Ball began training sailors as a Command Fitness Leader while on active duty service for The United States Navy. He carried that knowledge and support to obtain a Bachelor’s degree of Health Sciences from the University of Philadelphia in 2014.

Athletics have always been central in his life, receiving 10 varsity letters from Arsenal Technical High School. Ball later traveled to Ball State University to join the Cardinals Football team before leaving to serve in the military. Ball would participate in the 2008 Regional NFL Combine in Indianapolis, IN for free agent players.

With over 20 years of combined athletic performance and personal training experience, Ball’s mission is to bridge the gap between functionality and athletic movements resulting in a productive and healthy lifestyle.

Justin Todd.jpg

Justin Todd
Personal & Performance Training Consultant

ph: (317) 607-1828

National Academy of Sports Medicine
Certified Personal Trainer

Functional Strength and Conditioning
Athlete Performance Development
Mobility & Regeneration

As a former collegiate athlete, Justin developed an early passion for fitness and optimizing human performance. He accredits this passion to his coaches and trainers that provided him the necessary tools to play at the next level. By combining his knowledge of functional strength and conditioning with mobility, he continues to help individuals from all fitness levels become the best version of themselves.